Friday, June 22, 2007

The Night Before...

Tonight is the night before the SETSIG preconference session at NECC 2007 on Differentiating Instruction for Students with Diverse Learning Needs with Readily Accessible that's a mouthful! It is being co-presented by Sean Smith, Katheleen McClaskey and myself. Specifically, it is focusing on technologies related to reading, writing and math.

The workshop is coming together well and I look forward to a full day of great experiences!

There is a wiki that we are maintaining for the workshop...check it out at Feel free to add content!


Karen Janowski said...

The wiki link didn't work.

I hope the preconference goes great and that there are lots of participants because you have incredible resources to share. good luck!

Brian Wojcik said...


I updated the link to wiki...2007 instead of 07...ah well. It works now!