Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kelly Fonner Workshop

I am attending Kelly Fonner's workshop entitled "Technology Toolkit for Reading", which is a part A of a two day workshop that will conclude with Scott Marfilius on October 12th. I was really impressed that the presentation began with a differentiation between assistive and instructional technology. This tends to be an overlooked area in many other presentations that I have attended. Quoting from the presentation:

"Assistive assists students to complete tasks. The student requires its use because it [the task] can't be accomplished any other way. Instructional technology assists students in acquiring information. Is used for a period of time to acquire of reinforce a certain skill."

Great presentation that took participants across areas of reading skills and pairing interventions (including technology) that can instruct and assist students.

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Karen Janowski said...

Good to see you are blogging again.
Have to agree with your colleagues recommendation to include the NCTI-Tech Matrix. It's excellent.
Also, you might be interested in this link as well -

Brian Wojcik said...

Yeah...finding the time to blog...thats the hard part. Thanks for the link. I looked it over and it has some great info! Thanks again!