Friday, August 7, 2009

Are we outpacing ourselves?

I just got back from Disney World and, while I was there, I went to "The Land" in EPCOT (which incidentally stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired).  While I was in line waiting for one of the rides, I was reading a bunch of quotes on the wall that all had to do with saving the environment.  One quote, in particular, got my attention:

While I know this quote is not about the landscape of education, it does have relevance to what we are currently experiencing in education.  The citizens we are preparing to enter this world must have skills that are very different that students we were preparing even 5 to 10 years ago.  Think about it.  I know this is nothing new but it does cause me to ponder the total systemic impact of this change.  It reminds me of poster I had in my dorm during college with the quote:
We shall require a substantially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive.
I thought for a long time that this quote was anonymous.  It was years later that I linked it to Albert Einstein.  Amazing how these quotes...made so many years ago...have such applicability to what we face today!

How will you keep up?  How will you survive?


Anonymous said...

Spookily I was at Epcot a year ago more or less to the day.

I don't remember this quote, but as soon as I saw it, without reading what you'd put I thought - that's at Epcot !

Critical Science - that's how we'll do it !

Kirk Behnke said...

Nice application, Brian! I will want to use this quote to kick off the UDL initiative here at Region 4. Can I borrow your analogy?

Brian Wojcik said...

Kirk...feel free to use whatever you like! Love to continue hearing about your work in Region 4...this initiative and the scope it covers is quite exciting!