Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Intel Reader...accessiblity in the palm of your hand?

At ATIA a couple weeks ago, the Intel Reader created a bit of a buzz. A number of people now know about the KReader and KNFB Reader from Kurzweil which allow a person to use a Nokia phone to take a picture of a piece of text, process the picture using OCR, and then use text to speech to have the text read to the user. The Intel reader does all of that and a bit more. While a bit bigger and bulkier, there are some really nice features. Check out the video below:

What are your thoughts?


Michelle D. Davis said...

a bit expensive, but AMAZING potential! I think about ALL the students I have recommended audiobooks too, but know that they have to be able to access practical information too, like signs, grocery lists, labels, etc...this is for them!

Joan Azarva said...

This looks fantastic. In your opinion, can this accurately capture a textbook page for students who are dyslexic? If this works, it will make the Kurzweil look like really old technology (besides, it's cumbersome).

I am a college Learning Specialist in private practice who proactively sets up high school students with LD/ADHD for college success.

Parents of HS students with disabilities can subscribe to my list serve at http://www.conquercollegewithld.com

~ctex said...

Hey this is the same guy I met at CEC, then I sent him towards Phil at a social! LOL Pretty Sexy Device...

~Carrie Anna